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Thomas H   thougas@hertz.com
07-24-2013 4:50:42 PM EST

Just checking to see if there are any New developments , I have posted the game info on the new online forum (myclan.com ) and on Xmarksthescot.com hopfully this will bring more in to the up coming game. looking forward to it .

06-28-2013 9:40:06 AM EST
Coming along just fine. See you soon.

Michael Liebmann
06-26-2013 8:27:08 AM EST
Hi! Was wondering how plans were going for this year's festival. Looking forward to coming up for it again.

Thomas H   thougas
04-16-2013 1:11:23 PM EST

Good Day all , Clan Ferguson has sent in the app for a Clan spot this year at the 2013 Ring Gold games on Sept 21 and we are ecited to be able to come this year ( Lord willing ) and let us know if we can help in any way thank you

Thomas H   thougas@hertz.com
03-22-2013 11:29:35 AM EST

Good Day , I was just wanting to see if there was anything I could do to help ? either with the web site or ? I am getting the word out about the games . I will be there (Lord Willing ) at the Ring Gold games this year hosting Clan Ferguson . It was good to you all at the Welsh Festival in Rockmart last Saturday. Just let me know Thank you

Michael Liebmann   sffilk@bellsouth.net
03-11-2013 11:50:43 AM EST
One question: does the cite have wifi yet? Thank you.

Thomas H
02-22-2013 4:24:15 PM EST

Any Pictures from any recent games ? this web site has been the same for years . I would like to see this game grow . But the site will need to be updated Please , let me know if I can help Tahnk you

Thomas H   thougas@hertz.com
11-16-2012 4:45:15 PM EST
Any pictures from 2012 to post ? I would like to see new picture on here , more recent - please

10-17-2012 11:21:45 AM EST
Thanks, Michael. We appreciate all you do to help.

10-17-2012 11:20:30 AM EST
Results of the Ringgold Highland Games have been posted. Just click on the Athletic Results Ringgold 2012.

Michael Liebmann
10-16-2012 10:43:39 AM EST
Just saw that you put up that next year's games will be one day only. I have posted the link to the Atlanta Celts Facebook page.

10-10-2012 8:08:07 PM EST
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our Chaplain, Gene Coleman. He was an inspiration to us all and he will be greatly missed.

10-14-2008 11:25:14 AM EST
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