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Michael Liebmann   sffilk@bellsouth.net
09-25-2015 9:05:25 PM EST
Just show up tomorrow. It's a little over a mile off exit 348 on I-75. I'll be there.

09-25-2015 10:38:43 AM EST
Is this still happening? What time? Where can you get tickets?

Michael Liebmann
07-11-2015 7:23:36 AM EST
Was wondering how plans are coming. Looking forward to returning.

Thomas H
04-03-2015 3:26:12 PM EST
Glad to hear the games will be back this year ! Thank you so much

09-19-2014 7:31:27 PM EST
I was so disappointed the festival in Ringgold, GA was cancelled. We went last year & were so looking forward to going again. Are there any Celtic Festivals going on nearby?

Rick & Patty Jones   celticgreene@knology.net
09-11-2014 7:18:55 PM EST
Went to home page and saw message 2014 Festival Cancelled.... Other areas still mention that 2014 festival is a one day event. I was looking forward to coming down from Knoxville this year but am unclear if 2014 festival is still on or not. Thanks Rick & Patty Jones

03-12-2014 7:33:25 PM EST
Michael, I am glad you reminded me of that. We did receive it, but I had forgotten to deposit it. Will do so immediately.

Michael Liebmann   sffilk@bellsouth.net
02-21-2014 4:40:20 PM EST
This is strange. I sent my check for vendor fees for 2014 out on January 16 or 17, yet the check has not been cashed yet. Did you receive it?

01-26-2014 8:04:52 PM EST
Appalachian Celtic Festival and Highland Games Appalachian Celtic Festival and Acoustic Cafe hosting a St. Patrick's Day celebration and fundraiser on Saturday, March 15, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Entertainment inlcudes Olta; John Lathim and Michelle Young; Ivan Wilson with Courtney Daley and more

01-13-2014 11:45:38 AM EST
Appalachian Celtic Festival for 2014 will be on Saturday, Sept. 20th. See you all there.

10-14-2013 12:17:32 PM EST
No decision made about next year yet. Will post any info as soon as we have it. Thanks

Michael Liebmann   sffilk@bellsouth.net
10-09-2013 11:11:52 AM EST
Made it up there, but with the rain, it took several days for my tarp to finally dry out. That said, I'll still be there next year. Any idea on dates yet?

Thomas H
09-23-2013 8:09:57 AM EST
Sorry , But Clan Fergusson showed up and left due to the rain out

Deb Cooper   debc03@live.com
09-20-2013 12:03:58 PM EST
Hi, I live in the local area but am not familar with where Emberson Drive is. We have not attented since it was held at the Lee-Gordon Mill. Would love to attend tomorrow if we can get the location. Thank you

Michael Liebmann   sffilk@bellsouth.net
09-20-2013 9:30:23 AM EST
Barring anything unforeseen, I should be up there sometime between 7:30 and 8.

09-18-2013 2:40:21 PM EST
Campbell clan tent?

Thomas   Hougas
09-16-2013 8:19:43 AM EST
We are excited about the up coming games only 5 days left. We have posted this event on two web sites. X Marks the Scot and My Clan .com please stop by and say hey , we will be hosting the Clan Fergusson tent. Thank you

09-10-2013 2:09:09 PM EST
Someone will probably be there by 7 a.m. Must have vehicles off the field by 9 a.m.

Thomas H
09-05-2013 4:51:42 PM EST
Just wondering what is the earlest time on game day we can set up the clan tent on site ? Thank you

09-04-2013 6:45:44 PM EST
Not unless someone gets really sick. LOL. Seriously though, we don't have that competition this year.

Josh   j.lyons1830@yahoo.com
09-01-2013 9:28:24 PM EST
Will there be hurling?

Thomas H
08-28-2013 8:04:21 AM EST
Good Day , I was just wondering if you are going to update the Face Book page ? with the games only 3 weeks away it would be a great way to get the word out. looking forward to the games . Thank you

08-26-2013 10:18:23 AM EST
Yes, tickets will be available at the gate.

misty   hisgirl73@ymail.com
08-25-2013 2:22:11 PM EST
Am just wondering if u can buy tickets the day of the festival

07-28-2013 2:02:56 PM EST
Just keep checking the website. I update it fairly often.

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